Josie's Silencers
About Us
JOSIE’S SILENCERS is a family run business, and our main aim is TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. The original name was Josie’s metal works, as that was the main source of business, the exhaust market being just a diversification, or a passion which was making its way to the top. It was during early 90’s when JOSIE’S SILENCERS started its way to become now a days the leader on the local market, offering high quality products and services at the most reasonable prices to its esteemed clientele.


ECU tuning/remapping

We are the local representitives of TOPGEAR Tuning UK, one of the leading ECU tuning firms in UK, with a franchise present in a number of differnt countries around the world.     Thanks to their heavy investment in the latest tuning technologies, and the experience of their top programers and tuners, some of whom coming from

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