Josie's Silencers
About Us
JOSIE’S SILENCERS is a family run business, and our main aim is TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. The original name was Josie’s metal works, as that was the main source of business, the exhaust market being just a diversification, or a passion which was making its way to the top. It was during early 90’s when JOSIE’S SILENCERS started its way to become now a days the leader on the local market, offering high quality products and services at the most reasonable prices to its esteemed clientele.


In order to compliment our expertise acquired in the trade; at Josie’s Silencers we have a fully equipped work shop, thanks to which we can offer the best and fastest fitting service. In most of the cases exhausts are checked, installationsserviced or replaced while the client waits, as this can be done in a matter of a few minutes, since we are the largest supplier of car exhausts on the island. Only when the job requires longer time, we suggest leaving the car with us, as this gives us the time required to guaranty the best quality job.

At Josie’s Silencers we recommend prior bookings, as we try to avoid leaving our esteemed customers waiting at the door. As from our side, we do our very best to keep up with the appointed time, although sometimes we do have to sacrifice time in order to ensure our guaranteed quality assurance.

For those cars that are not so common we can either have special orders, or use universal exhaust boxes and still issue written warranties for two years. With regards to light vans we also have universal boxes for all engine sizes.

Apart from offering the biggest exhaust range on the local market, we do also install items brought to us by the customer himself.

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